Measured Building Surveys

Pinpoint Mapping, located in Bristol, offers a dedicated Measured Building Surveying Service.

Measured Building Surveys
Our measured building surveys comprise of elevations, floor plans, cross sections and roof plans. We are equipped with the latest total station technology to survey all sizes and manner of properties. These include private residences through to hotels, offices, historic buildings and onto facilities incorporating education, healthcare or retail.

Full Measured Building Surveys
We operate 3D laser scanners because this technology is swift to deploy, accurate and does not damage the building interior. Furthermore, our survey team operate 3D laser scanners with the aim of reducing disturbance to people residing or working within the building. As a result our team expertly captures and visualise all of the building’s architectural features in detail. The survey includes cross sections and elevations plus structural elements such as walls, columns and beams.

Building Footprints
Building footprints and floor plans can prove invaluable in enabling an accurate representation of the building.
This survey data can include windows, doors and fittings plus details of floor levels and heights. Footprints can also assist with planning evacuation arrangements or to calculate internal areas to determine rental values.

Inventory Plans
In association with floor plans, inventory plans can assist in identification of all the features in the rooms. Inventory plans help in the spatial planning of your building space because they can best link personnel to available resources. Pinpoint Mapping is able to bring together building footprints, floor plans and inventory plans to help create fully connected surveys.
On successful completion of the survey we process the survey data and make ready for the commissioning customer.

Prices for surveys are based on day rates and these are dependent upon variables such as travel to site, size of site and the area to be measured. If you would like to receive further information regarding our Full Measured Building Surveying service then please get in touch.

How to Contact Us
Call us on 01454 550067 to discuss your requirements. Or you can email us on outlining the scope of your project and we will contact you to discuss. Please click on the links below to view sample PDFs of our Full Measured Building surveys:

Example Floor Plan

Factory Elevations Example