Aerial Drone Surveying

Aerial drone surveys are the future of rapid mapping technology!

Aerial drone surveying is opening up a whole new sector to the surveying and mapping industries. The technology is making it possible to capture raw imagery and millions of data points quickly. This data can be processed in real time in the field. We can then deliver it direct to the end user with the minimum of fuss.

The beauty of a drone platform is that it can take off and land practically anywhere. This is of course subject to CAA guidelines: refer to CAA website for further details. This guarantees data that has been specifically requested is acquired swiftly, whilst ensuring the benefits of lower projects costs.

Topographic Surveying
One very powerful application of aerial drone technology is performing topographic surveys, especially those significant in size. Surveys that would normally take weeks to be completed can now be achieved in just a few days. A week’s worth of traditional data collection is now seeing survey data captured in just one day by drone technology. Another application utilising topographic data collected from a drone mounted camera is digital elevation modelling (DEMs). Elevation data is easily captured and recorded. As a result 3D visualisations are becoming popular in the planning of new land developments. 3D models can help architects and engineers to communicate information regarding potential changes in the landscape.

Building Surveying
The use of aerial drones is also beginning to be appreciated in the building and property survey industry. Aerial imagery and video has certainly become far more affordable and more suitable for a wider range of property options. Assessing the character of a building from ground level can prove difficult and in some situations virtually impossible. With digital aerial imagery safely acquired from our aerial drone, our qualified pilots can survey the full extent of any building defects.
With our drones capturing great aerial photography, whether that be surveyed vertical or oblique imagery or aerial video, anything is possible, from quick “lift & see” to full video fly-throughs.

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