3D Laser Scanning

The Ultimate Guide to Measured Building Surveys

The Ultimate Guide to Measured Building Surveys Employing a combination of traditional surveying practices, the latest in 3D laser scanning equipment and aerial drone technology, Pinpoint Mapping measured building surveyors can skillfully measure up a building, both externally and internally, with precision. Incorporating aerial drone imagery and generated 3D point clouds obtained from our on-site […]

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What is GIS?

So What is GIS? And How Does It Work? Geographic Information Systems, or simply “GIS” as it is known, is a geotechnology that connects geospatial information and informational databases. The key to this technology is it understands the concept of location. Via hardware and software, datasets can be geospatially analysed and presented over a map. […]

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Topographic surveys in Bristol and Bath

All You Need To Know About Topographical Surveys

What Exactly is a Topographical Survey? Topographical surveys can be a complex business so we have written this ultimate guide to help you. Introduction A topographical survey (or land survey) is defined as the detailed mapping and the charting of features upon an area of land. Commonly referred to as a “topo”, this type of […]

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