Healthcare Maps

Our healthcare maps can support any Medical organisation to meet the needs of its local community

We have experience in producing and supplying custom-made healthcare maps to a variety of medical organisations. This includes NHS Emergency Planning departments, facilities management units, out of hours doctors services, dental practices and doctors surgeries.

All emergency services and medical healthcare providers can make use of their geospatial datasets in order to facilitate, provide and plan for their services. As a public sector body your organisation can register for the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PMSA) allowing you to access Ordnance Survey (OS) geographic datasets such as OS Master Map, completely free of charge. Large scale mapping data, like Master Map from OS, can help your NHS healthcare organisation. Bespoke healthcare maps can support ongoing development and provision of medical services to the local population.

Our team at Pinpoint Mapping in Bristol can assist you with the creation of your custom map. We can suggest a range of sizes, in digital format, on paper or printed on laminated copy, to show a defined practice area of your patients and service users . The maps can include an overlay presenting a clear definition of your operational service boundaries too. Further analysis can be carried out on your business data by means of GIS mapping software. Our cartographer can overlay postcode data on your map to help your organisation plan and optimise future healthcare delivery. This might help support tackling and reducing ever-growing health concerns in smoking, teenage pregnancies and obesity.

Looking for more information regarding our support of healthcare services with mapping or GIS consultancy? Advise us of your current geospatial issue and we will be only too happy to help you find a solution. Dont hesitate to contact our office on our landline to discuss your requirements (tel: 01454 550067) or email us with your enquiry on