Why should 21st century organisations and business be incorporating GIS?

First and foremost, Geographic Information Systems, commonly referred to as GIS, is very much an unknown outside of mainstream industry. This is because so many businesses fail to recognise the importance of location within their business data. In excess of 75% of your business data incorporates a geographic component and all of your customers can be located geographically somewhere upon the Earth!

All businesses should constantly seek out new customers to develop, to expand and to thrive. Yet, in order to acquire a greater market share, your business must keep one step ahead of your competitors. So, with the above in mind, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where are my present customers located?
  • Where is my business selling more products/services?
  • In what other areas are similar customers located?
  • In terms of territory expansion where should it be located? 
  • Where are my geographic boundaries?

Here at PinPoint Mapping we perform location analysis and visualisation of your business data via GIS software to assist you in achieving greater business intelligence. GIS, location analysis and mapping presents your business with further insights, for example spotting sales trends or geographic hotspots!

GIS allows you to make informed decisions resulting in greater efficiencies and potential increases in revenue within the business. We can ultimately make your business more competitive … how? By employing geographic information software to help identify new (and perhaps missed!) business opportunities.

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