Farm Mapping

Delivering State of the Art Farm Mapping Services

As as an owner or a farm manager you recognise communicating and presenting information relevant to your farm business is not always a straightforward process. Thankfully farm mapping and surveying are cost effective and highly efficient solutions to overcome this problem. By mapping and visualising your farm estate it can help assist with its ongoing management, increase business efficiencies and support future planning.

Harnessing the Benefits of Farm Mapping

Firstly, its necessary to understand surveying and mapping services serves as a powerful visualisation management tool in the farming sector and how it can be utilised in a number of different ways:

    • helps farm staff with planning in their day-to-day duties
    • ensures contractors deliver their services to precisely the correct location on the farm and/or its surrounding estate
    • illustrates and highlights farm areas to new employees and visitors
    • assists with financial budget planning
    • provides scope for future land development and building conversions
    • highlights environmental considerations and may assist with managing any ongoing Environment Agency regulations
    • records highly accurate measurements of field areas and boundaries thus enabling efficient management

Secondly, our team of surveyors can deploy onto the estate to survey and record a wide range of assets. Assets on the ground can include a wide range of options for example:

Forestry and woodland
Individual trees and shrubs

Irrigation equipment
Ponds, cattle troughs and water courses  
Field boundaries
Areas of flooding
Surface levels

Any relevant asset data is surveyed at an accuracy that your project requires.

Aerial Imagery

Thirdly, for farm mapping and planning projects we can source the most current aerial photography available. In the event aerial imagery is too out-dated to show the estate and its property or quite simply is unavailable then we can arrange to fly your farm and its estate with our Aerial Drone Surveying service to fly and capture vertical imagery of terrain relief, land cover, land use, equipment and buildings.

Lastly, we then enhance the captured aerial imagery by overlaying GPS surveyed datasets of attributes directly over the orthorectified imagery. From the combined aerial imagery and surveying and mapping on site assets and attributes a precise farm map can be created and provided in a variety of file formats or hard copy. 

To Find Out More

To find out more how Pinpoint Mapping can help you with farm mapping and surveying so please do contact us by calling us on our office number 01454 550067. Alternatively, please email us on advising of your requirements and we will be in touch shortly.